Author Topic: Very hot sauce?  (Read 216 times)

April 13, 2017, 10:14:51 pm
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Hi guys. Cool site.

Read most of the threads about this, but they were all quite old. My favorite hot sauce is "Dave's Insanity" I like very hot food, but a blob about the size of a 2p coin (about an inch) is enough to make the dish inedible for most people. I accidentally tested this on myself and the missues. An invisible smear on my finger hurt my eye so bad that the food was cold by the time I wanted to eat it. The same amount in a more intimate place seemed to affect her even more.

This stuff would genuinely be more useful as a condiment in a small spray bottle, perhaps diluted with vodka, to allow an even application to the food. Do you guys know of a spray bottle that can deal with small solid particles? Just to be clear, the container needs to be safe for food, as I do plan on eating it.. If  anyone else reading also likes hot food, I'm pretty sure it is legal to take your own condiments to a restaurant.